Erasmus Mobility Programme

Erasmus Policy Statement


Tibiscus University of Timisoara acquired the Erasmus Charter in 2007, the first mobilities of study for students and teaching for the teaching staff were conducted in 2007-2008 on the basis of two bilateral agreements. During the years of activity, the number of links between universities has grown impressively, so we collaborate with 17 institutions of higher education and a research center in 9 European countries.

In 2013, the University applied for and obtained Erasmus Charter 2014-2020 which allows the continuation of activities.

The funds raised through Erasmus increased significantly, as well as the number of student mobilities. The financial allocation of funds obtained on the University’s demand, demonstrates that Erasmus program organized by the University is primarily a program for students, with the aim to increase the number of outgoing students, learning experiences and training. In the 2012-2013 academic year 28 practice mobilities of students were performed in institutions of Spain, Italy, Holland and England.

All successful partnerships are the result of mutual commitment and mutual benefit within the relationship. Many of our partnerships result from individual ties between academic staff. Others have been introduced through partners or other existing networks. Our international partner institutions are diverse, reflecting the different needs and priorities of the students and staff of our partners and ours. Besides developing multidimensional and strategic partnerships, we also recognize the place of specialized partnerships focused on specific purposes.

Mobility of academic staff is a priority for the effective management of partnership relations, support for cooperation projects, training, teaching and program development. In this context, we are exploring opportunities to jointly deliver master programs with partners from participating and non-participating countries.

 We recognize the importance of regular monitoring and evaluation, as well as peer review, to inform us and influence our future practice, policy and strategy.

Internationalization has become a requirement and a performance criterion for teaching and research activity since 2007, in the context of reforming the national education system and the European one. As a result, the University has fostered collaboration with universities and institutions at home and abroad, projects, contracts, scientific, cultural and artistic events.

In order to achieve the objectives in the strategic plan, to increase the international visibility of the University and of affirmation as an institution that is part of the European space of higher education, have been achieved:

  1. Partnerships with foreign universities within which the following activities were developed:
    • Organizing scientific meetings, publishing volumes
    • Educational activities supported by guest lecturers
    • Mobility of students and outgoing teaching staff
    • Mobility of incoming teaching staff
    • Debates on university curricula - adaptation process to the level of current knowledge is permanent, the dialogue with teachers from abroad is essential for annual reassessment of curricula
    • Partnership Projects. Collaboration is present from the writing phase of the project to application and subsequently, implementation if necessary
  2. Cooperation with research institutions, institutions of local government, other institutions active in the field of education programs. The network which comprises the Faculty of Psychology is remarkable and includes the University of Salerno, University Paris 10, all centers of rehabilitation of infants in Romania, centers of this kind in Hungary, Spain, France. It is a powerful network with special research in the area of juvenile infractionality, with published results that are internationally recognized.


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